Our Objectives

  1. To define and demonstrate “child centered” and “child friendly” primary school learning as expressed in Cambodian government policy.
  2. To teach the practicum/seminar course at the Kandal Teacher Training College focusing on interactive, child-friendly teaching strategies as outlined in the IB Guidebook and MOEYS Curriculum Documents;
  3. To review and revise the Teacher Training College curriculum documents if requested;
  4. Offer ongoing teacher training workshops and demonstration lessons in specific subject areas as required;
  5. To identify and train Cambodian educators to assume leadership roles in teacher training;
  6. Maintain and develop partnerships between partner schools and the Project Schools.

Our Current Priorities

  1. Build the capacity of model teachers and student teachers on how to produce low cost teaching materials. 
  2. Organize practicum and seminar course to student teachers, based on child-friendly and pedagogical manual. 
  3. Conduct workshops with student teachers on effectiveness of classroom management followed by 5 topics: Differentiation, Flexible grouping, Positive discipline, Times and Spaces management.
  4. Improve physical infrastructure and school facilities.